Shower interruption

SONY GUY 1: Greg Trefry? We're with Sony BMG. You purchased a copy of a My Morning Jacket CD called "Z" a few months ago, yes?
GREG: Yeah... how'd you get in my apartment?
SONY GUY 2: Door was open.
SONY GUY 1: Your CD installed software on your computer without your knowledge.
GREG: Oh, the "rootkit" thing.... Wait, that door was locked.
SONY GUY 2: Lock was loose.
SONY GUY 1: We're apologizing to everyone affected. We care deeply about our criminals' privacy. Customers. I meant "our customers' privacy."
GREG: How long have you been here?
SONY GUY 2: Not long.
SONY GUY 1: You forgot to rinse after adding your conditioner, by the way.