Meeting Twilight guy

JOEL: Hi, are you "Ayok"? I'm from Hancock Records. I'm here to sign you.
AYOK: Grnlk brzlm.
TONY KING: I'm Ayok's agent. He says "cool."
JOEL: I'm sorry... Is he speaking... ENGLISH?
AYOK: Ssfsdsd kRYyN...
TONY KING: Ayok speaks his own brand of edgy young English. You'll get used to it.
JOEL: Is he... is he OK?
AYOK: Shkbrs wprprd.
TONY KING: Look, the kid's in TWILIGHT. He's a fucking shirtless GOLDMINE. Don't rock the boat, OK?
HANDJOB GIRL: Excuse me... can- can I please give him another handjob?
AYOK: Aoosdk sdwr.
TONY KING: Make it quick.