Meeting Alex Rigopulos

TONY: OK, Kevin Edo, this is ALEX RIGOPULOS, CEO of Harmonix. They make ROCK BAND.
KEVIN: Hi Alex, I wanna get our music in your game, man.
ALEX RIGOPULOS: Um... Yeah, sorry. Your sound just isn't what our game is about.
KEVIN: ExCUSE me?! Do you know who I AM?!
ALEX RIGOPULOS: Yeah. I DO. You're like a more boring CHRIS MARTIN. And our game skews indie. So SCREW you.
KEVIN: Wh- Screw YOU!!
ALEX RIGOPULOS: And Anthony, you TOLD me this was a meeting with the guy from GRIZZLY BEAR!
KEVIN: GAH! What is it with everyone and GRIZZLY BEAR!!