Coding your Guitar Hero

BOBBY KOTICK: Kevin, this is Yevgeny. He'll be coding your Guitar Hero.
KEVIN: You enjoy music, dude?
YEVGENY: I enjoy traditional Bashkir music ONLY.
BOBBY KOTICK: Yevgeny, the band's name is "Jumpstart Malady".
YEVGENY: OK... I run search for "Yellowcard"... replace with "Jumpstart Malady"...
YEVGENY: Coding of game is done.
BOBBY KOTICK: Great! I'm glad we fit that in before lunch...
KEVIN: Who's your favorite KURAI player, man?
YEVGENY: My allegiance belongs to Diyarov.
BOBBY KOTICK: Don't talk to the developers, Kevin. It CHEAPENS you.